We're Lucas and Lisa, travel bloggers behind Barbers Go Global and partners on this crazy journey through life. Given our love for travel and culture, we underwent a major lifestyle change. We resigned from our careers, sold our home and everything in it to travel the world, starting with a one-way ticket from New York to New Zealand. Our goal is to simplify our daily lives to create memorable global experiences and friendships along the way. Join us as we navigate our way across the globe, one passport stamp at a time. Whether you are an avid traveler, weekend explorer or in need of inspiration, we hope to inspire your next adventure.

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May Kaidee Thai Cooking Class *Review*

May Kaidee’s Restaurant and Cooking class is a cultural experience that cannot be missed when traveling to South East

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How to save and protect your money while traveling

Don’t keep all your money on you This should go without saying, but as a reminder; NEVER carry all of your cash on you

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2016 Year in review

  What a year 2016 has been! Our lives changed tremendously once we decided to stop making excuses and started maki

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9 Tips To Know Before Visiting Bali

Leaving New Zealand and Australia was incredibly difficult after meeting such wonderful people but we knew that there wa

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Best Books I Read in 2016

A little background first: I developed my love of reading from my mother. She used to regularly take my younger sister K

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Planning a family vacation to the Caribbean

As we approach both the nine-month mark of traveling and the end of 2016, we’ve become more reflective. Lisa and I hav

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