We are excited to share with you our new YouTube series, How We’re Living, an on going update of our semi-regular routines to highlight accommodations and everyday responsibilities like grocery shopping and budgeting throughout our travels.

The Retro Caravan

Retro Caravan in Auckland, New Zealand

We sold our house to live in an RV camper. Correction, we sold our four bedroom, two bath, finished basement and fenced in property to live in a caravan nicknamed Alpha and we couldn’t be more excited. For the next nine days, Lucas’s childhood fantasy of living in a treehouse couldn’t get anymore certain when we realized that Alpha was a cozy refuge located in a garden at one end of the property.

Morning workout with Lucas in the garden (Auckland, New Zealand)

The caravan, which is one arm span and a quarter in width, is equipped with a double bed in the rear, wifi, an electric hot plate for food preparation and seating for two. The bathroom, shower and laundry facilities are accessible in the main house about 80 feet away.

Air dried laundry

Key Takeaways:

  • Living in the Alpha camper has perfected our ability to maneuver within intimate areas while being mindful of personal spaces. In lieu of the architectual and social movement of living in smaller homes, we’re convinced that we could maintain a minimal and sustainable lifestyle. Keyword: could. We may have far too many nieces and nephews to accommodate back home and the thought of camping out on the roof isn’t an idea that I am too fond of.
  • Our experience created an overwhelming sense of gratitude for accessible toilets without putting our shoes on at 3 AM. Some nights, I would hold my pee until sunrise out of sheer laziness.
  • The fondest experience was the heavy downpour that we received early one morning which sounded like a group of third graders learning to play the snare drums.
  • Since the RV was smaller than our bathroom back home, we had an entirely different perspective of living space when we moved to the next accommodation. The normal sized bedroom seemed like an arena compared to our miniature quarters.
  • It’s worth noting that Kiwis (New Zealanders) do not live in RV’s. We found alternative accommodations but thought we were up for the challenge when we asked ourselves, What if we lived in a caravan? And that we did.

Learn more about our itty, bitty tiny home as Lucas gives a caravan tour on our YouTube channel!

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  1. How did you manage wifi and internet while in the RV? Also how did you guys find a place that let you stay in an RV?

    1. Good question! So the RV was on a property that was not too far from the house so we were still able to reach their wifi. They listed their RV on AirBnB on a whim and we were their second guests. If you click the ‘retro van’ title in bold right above the picture, it will take you to the AirBnB listing.

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