Who are the Barbers?


We are Lucas and Lisa, American travelers, born and raised in Rochester, New York. In April 2016, we embarked on a major lifestyle change to live out of our suitcases in order to explore the world, one passport stamp at a time. While we are abroad, our site allows friends and family to track our adventures and assures our parents that we are alive and well (according to Lisa). While living in the US, we frequently traveled to domestic and international destinations but rarely had a chance to explore our surroundings as a local for an extended period of time. Needless to say a case of the post-vacation blues followed shortly after acclimating back to our normal routine. Saying goodbye to heart-warming people, we longed to return to beautiful places and nostalgic memories through photos on our mobile devices. It all seemed to fade so quickly.

Like many working individuals in America, our days were filled with professional, social and community commitments. Our careers in higher education kept us active at a large university in New York as Lucas’s career developed as a marketing director and Lisa’s profession as an assistant director gave her the opportunity to oversee customer relations and social media marketing. During our involvement with mentorship programs, club advisor positions, time spent with both families and fulfilling our duties in the community, we found ourselves exhausted with little time to recuperate. Life was good but slightly overwhelming.

Given our love for travel, we decided that after too many wanderlust moments and tagging each other in our favorite travel accounts on social media (which we confess we do way too often) we decided to buy a one-way ticket from New York to New Zealand. We absolutely couldn’t believe it. We sold our house in two days, resigned from our positions and prepared as best we could to travel the globe. In a nutshell, here is our departure story.

We travel to broaden our international experiences and pursue creative projects in video production, photography and content development. We document our travels and write about our crazy adventures, all except the time that we visited Cozumel and thought we were going to be kidnapped. Technically speaking, can adults be kidnapped? (again, Lisa’s words) Most importantly, we have the opportunity to experience countries like locals and hope to share our life experiences, trip tips and advice along the way. For starters, check out our first post, the travel itinerary, and our departure story.

By the way, when we’re not focused on travel, we waste far too much time debating what constitutes tickling versus Lisa’s definition of personal space, the proper usage of hand sanitizer, blended vs fruit on the bottom yogurt and the best utensil to use when eating ramen. Thankfully, we won’t burden you with those antics.

In between blog posts, feel free to find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because we obviously wanna hang out there with the rest of the cool kids. If none of those are your favorite (as if you really needed another platform to follow us on) add us on Snapchat for daily, unfiltered shenanigans using our Snapcodes below!

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